Tyson’s Logansport, IN, pork plant is scheduled
to resume slaughter operations Monday (March 15) and full pork processing on Tuesday (March 16), following a fire March 5, according to company spokesman Gary Mickelson.

The plant had limited pork processing earlier this week, including some pork from other Tyson plants being brought in for processing.

“The fire happened in the slaughter portion of the plant and involved equipment used to remove hair from the hog carcass,” says Mickelson. “The damage was significant. While we would rather not provide a dollar estimate, we can tell you roof repairs have been completed and crews have been busy replacing equipment and doing electrical rewiring.”

The fire put the majority of the plant’s 1,900 employees out of work.

Workers have been encouraged to use vacation time so they can continue to receive pay. Tyson has also chosen to cover the full cost of their health insurance for this week.