The Classic InSight Preg Checker is designed to be a reliable scanning system.

The Classic InSight Preg Checker from PharVision Ultrasound is designed and constructed to be a reliable scanning system that can be used to detect early pregnancy in sows. The easy-to-use, easy-to-clean unit runs on removable, rechargeable batteries. Pregnancy checks can be started at 19-20 days after breeding. A single control knob simplifies operation. The 32 oz., machined aluminum unit utilizes a comfortable grip design along with a wrist strap to prevent dropping. Call (800) 722-6838 or

Parasite Evaluation Program

Intervet announces the Parasite Evaluation program, a free fecal analysis program designed to give pork producers unbiased information they can use to make informed decisions about internal parasite control. Samples are shipped to one of four independent laboratories for analysis, performed by industry experts. After receiving results, producers can compare their needs to aggregate data from their county, state or region. Call (800) 441-8272 to request a collection kit.

Birthright Deck

In the climate-controlled Birthright Deck from Ralco Nutrition, challenged piglets find everything they need to grow and prosper. The unique design controls airflow while it manages heat and humidity. Choose a tank size and provide a consistent Birthright Baby Pig Milk flow of nutrition to the deck to ensure healthy piglets. Front and rear brackets telescope to accommodate any barn configuration. Call (800) 533-5306 or

Theft Protection

Protect all of your commodities with ScoringAg, a database that allows the user to record a stolen animal or equipment instantaneously. Designed by Scoring System, Inc., ScoringAg works by assigning a unique code to each item. The code can be printed out as a barcode from your computer and attached to the item. A radio frequency identification (RFID) tag can be attached to an item or animal for identification. Photos can also be added to each record. Call (877) 684-0018 or

Fly Bait

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has approved Elector Bait for fly control in livestock operations. This novel bait from Elanco Animal Health is a yellow, granular formulation that is highly attractive to flies. Elector Bait provides ongoing, effective control of house flies through a unique, delayed mode of action, with no known insecticide resistance. Go to

Fiberglass Turbo Fan

Chore-Time has added a 52-in. diameter model to its line of fiberglass turbo fans. This is a fiberglass version of the company's energy-efficient Hyflo Shutter, and features a compressible, one-piece cone that allows the fans to be placed side-by-side in a fan bank, installed 60 in. on center. It also has high air-moving capacity so fewer fans are needed per barn. Consisting of only two moving parts, the Hyflo Shutter's fiberglass doors are pushed open as air is exhausted when the fan operates. The shutter's unique springs draw the doors closed when the fan is not operating. Call (574) 658-4191 or

Compact Lighting

Save energy with Val-Co's 26 watt (1,800 lumens) Dimmable Compact Fluorescent Lights. The lights operate on 120 volts, 200/240 volts-50/60 Hz through a power line communication modular system. The screwing-type adaptor and lamp alters consumption proportionately to the percent you are dimming (100% to 3%) and are flicker free. The light restrikes at any preset level, avoiding the flash effect. The light is available in three colors: warm, cool or daylight. The adaptor has a lifetime of 150,000 hours at 70∞ F. Each unit is sealed against humidity and certified UL, CUL and CE. Call (800) 328-3813 or

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