Big Dutchman introduces its newly developed ESF (electronic sow feeder) system, the Callmatic2-505 controller, designed to make independent ESF station management possible. At the same time, all connected ESF stations can be centrally monitored and visualized in real time at a central personal computer (PC). Adjustments can be made at the central PC in the office or at any controller of any ESF station. With the new 505 controller, the farm manager can control a virtually unlimited number of ESF stations and retrieve data on all stations from any controller, should one station or controller malfunction. The station controller is equipped with a clearly arranged display and user-friendly keypad to access all vital data. The controller can be installed in the aisle for ESF station management from outside the animal area. For more information, call (616) 582-4094, e-mail Beate Ulrich at or log onto

Insecticide Spray Bottle

QuickBayt Spot Spray from Bayer HealthCare, LLC, Animal Health Division, now comes in a smaller, more convenient 24-oz. spray bottle. QuickBayt Spot Spray, named a top 10 new product at the 2009 World Ag Expo, was launched in June 2007 in a 1-lb. container. The refillable, 24-oz. bottle contains 3 oz. of the powerful active ingredient imidacloprid in a dry powder that mixes easily with water for equal distribution. The spray provides indoor and outdoor control of house flies where granular bait cannot reach. One application of QuickBayt Spot Spray kills in less than 60 seconds and controls house flies for up to two weeks outdoors and six weeks indoors. Spray directly onto surfaces where house flies tend to rest. One bottle treats 188 sq. ft. Replacement powder is available in a 1-lb. pack that treats 1,000 sq. ft. For more information, call (800) 422-9874 or visit

Bin, Feed Monitoring Software

HerdStar, LLC, has released the newest version of its bin monitoring and feed tracking program. Bintrac VMI version 2.0 now tracks and reports feed events occurring in feed bins in near real time. Using Bintrac's new Event Monitoring and Notification Service, a barn manager can receive text messages at 6, 12 and 18 hours during an out-of-feed event to correct the problem before it impacts production. Bintrac VMI automatically monitors and provides up to three e-mail or text message notifications for a variety of feed events. “I have been able to see and correct several feed-out events on my sites since I started using Bintrac VMI version 2.0. If I am not in the office or it's a weekend, Bintrac continues to keep me posted on these events by text-messaging it right to my phone. It only takes one or two feed-out events prevented before Bintrac VMI pays for itself,” reports Becky Dohlman, vice president of operations, Next Generation Pork, LeRoy, MN. Other features track hourly feed levels and usage over 15 to 105 days on a single graph that can be printed or downloaded. Contact HerdStar at (877) 246-8722, or go to

Farm Generators

Blue Star Power Systems introduces a new line of Cummins-driven, diesel-powered generator sets with 15kW-60kW. Blue Star will continue to offer all existing diesel and gaseous products ranging from 25kW to 2MW. The new products offer new technology in engine control, improved fuel economy and added flexibility for a hog operation. For more information, call (507) 726-2508, e-mail or go to

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