The National Pork Board struck up the band to celebrate the success of their pork quality assurance certification programs. With the help of a local high school marching band, Pork Board President Tim Bierman unfurled a program goal banner and told onlookers that 46,861 pork producers have been certified in the Pork Quality Assurance Plus (PQA+), nearing the 50,000 goal set for the end of June.

In addition, he announced that 28,310 PQA+ youth program certificates have been issued, to date. Bierman also said 10,286 sites assessments have been performed - representing nearly 60% of the nation's hog inventory. "I challenge all pork producers who have not certified under PQA+ or had their site assessment performed to do so," he added."

Finally, the Transport Quality Assurance certification program has successfully passed 24,385 applicants. "These are continuous improvement programs, that benefit producers and support Pork Checkoff's 'We Care' commitment," stated Stacey Revels, in charge of the producer certification programs.