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  • Apr 11, 2016
    press release

    Pig and poultry diets: DDGs may be door to mycotoxin exposure

    Since the release of Alltech’s 2015 North America Harvest Analysis results, some pork and poultry producers have found a new source for mycotoxin contamination, this time during the process of renewable fuel production....More
  • Apr 11, 2016

    Can’t escape the food label noise

    Consumers say taste, safety and price remain the most important values when purchasing food. So, why are food companies filling food labels with noisy jargon and market hype....More
  • Apr 7, 2016

    Education gap can be overwhelming

    Today's hog producers need to gather as much information as possible to help their operation succeed. Nowadays, they also need a broadened knowledge base to dispel consumer misinformation that is piling up on the information superhighway....More
  • Mar 29, 2016
    press release

    Sustainable pork production focus of a new website

    ​A new website focused entirely on sustainable, responsible and successful pork production was launched this week to bring news, trends, research updates and commentary to all links of the global pork chain....More
  • Mar 28, 2016
    press release

    Sow aggression: The cocktail party approach

    If you’re considering a renovation or rebuild of your sow facility, you’re probably wondering whether to make the switch to group housing. As you consider your options, don’t let the threat of sow aggression keep you from getting the benefits of group housing....More
  • Mar 25, 2016

    Numbers lead to pork production success

    Numbers drive the U.S. hog industry — percent market share, packer capacity, pigs per sow per year, prewean mortality, average daily gain — so you want to be sure that your operation holds its own with strong numbers....More
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