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  • Logic vs. fear on antibiotic issue.
    Feb 8, 2013

    Logic vs. Fear: Antibiotic Issue Draws Passionate Response 56

    When it comes to the use of antibiotics in pork production, some things boil down to simple logic. We all know that appropriate antibiotic use can keep both animals and humans healthy. We also know that only antibiotics approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are used to treat hogs, and that veterinarians oversee which antibiotics are used to treat, prevent and control swine diseases. Healthy pigs grow better and eat less feed. And healthy pigs are directly related to a safer food supply. Of course, veterinarians work closely with farmers to make decisions on which pigs may need antibiotics to treat or prevent disease. Remember, those antibiotics do come at a cost, which means pork producers focus on preventing the need and expense of using antibiotics unnecessarily in their herds. In spite of this simple logic, we still have wild statements about the amount and intent of antibiotic use in pork production flying around in the news. Sadly, it’s all in the wording. Recent news stories and statements seem particularly designed to incite fear among consumers....More
  • Feb 1, 2013

    Follow the Money to See the Truth about HSUS 51

    In a recent article in the Worthington, MN, Daily Globe, a Minnesota pork producer brings attention to a frustrating scenario. Brad Freking, DVM, owner of New Fashion Pork, Jackson, MN, says he is fed up with stories about how the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) fills their coffers with funds sent by well-meaning pet lovers. He notes that less than 1% of the HSUS budget actually goes to support animal shelters. Watchdog groups such as Humane Watch have obtained HSUS tax documents to find out where the money really goes. Humane Watch notes that most of the HSUS money goes toward paying attorneys and lobbyists while furthering a vegan agenda....More
  • Touring hog operations helps urban dwellers gain perspective.
    Jan 11, 2013

    Why Do Consumers Believe HSUS and Not You? 33

    I know you care what your customers think, because one of the most-read stories on the National Hog Farmer Web site the past few weeks reports on a consumer perception survey conducted by Purdue University last summer. Here’s what else I know, you are doing a good job caring for your animals and producing a safe, affordable pork product. But are consumers aware of the real story behind how pork is produced?...More
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