Four Minnesota siblings decided to help educate their city friends about what their lives were like on the farm. Samantha, Andrew, Hannah and Isaac Berg started a blog entitled, “Kids on the Farm.” They share information about their 4-H and FFA projects, as well as explaining some of the ways farmers take care of their animals.


In a recent blog entry pertaining to their 4-H swine projects, the Bergs explained why pigs need to be weighed, writing, “Every good farmer needs to know how well their animals are growing. If they are not growing then they may be sick or not eating right - so we take time to weigh them. My brother rolled the scale down by the pigs and we put one in at a time to see how big they are getting.  When we brought them home they weighed 40-60 lb. By the time we got to the fair they weighed over 230 lb.”


You never know where that 4-H, FFA or junior association swine project might lead. We happen to know several agricultural journalists who built their enthusiasm for a career covering the pork industry after chasing pigs around a show ring at a young age. Send National Hog Farmer a picture of your swine project and tell us what you learned. It doesn't have to be this year's project. If you got your start in the industry with a 4-H or FFA project and it led to something great, we want to hear about that too! Email your photo to and we will compile an online photo gallery showcasing your pictures.

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