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High Production Costs: What’s Going On, And What Can We Do About It?

What we can expect as feed production costs rise? Click here to read more.

EcoCare® Feed Improves Clean Up in Swine Barns

A commercial study has shown that the microbial load can be reduced by 75% in barns where pigs are fed an EcoCare® feed component. Read more on how EcoCare® feed improves the effectiveness of a standard cleaning and disinfection program. Click here to read more.

Effects of Feeding EcoCare® Feed on Nitrogen and Phosphorus Mass Balance during the Entire Finishing Period

This N and P mass balance study provides a comprehensive description of the origin and fate of N and P in association with a swine finishing operation. The study was conducted at Oklahoma State University, and the results were presented at the 2009 American Society of Animal Science Midwest Meeting (Walraven et al., 2009). Click here to read more.

Feeding for the Pig and the Environment

Environmental issues are a growing concern. Many of them can be categorized under the following head­ings; air quality, manure storage and handling, manure nutrient concentration and soil nutrient levels. Read more about how EcoCare® Feed can address the entire environment question, not just parts it, through an effective and proactive feeding pro­gram for grower-finisher pigs. Click here to read more

NEWtraStart™ Feed Enhances Palatability and Gut Wellness

A field trial was conducted in 2007 in Iowa to evaluate NEWtraStart™ Feed on grow-finish pig performance. Despite an unanticipated substantial health challenge, supplementation of 5 lb per ton of NEWtraStart™ Feed resulted in pigs gaining 4.1% faster, weighing 11 pounds more, and achieving 16.2% better feed conversion when compared to pigs receiving a control diet. Click here to read more.

Manure flow in Pull-plug barns and Implications on Clean-up

An on-farm and laboratory demonstration which shows that pigs fed EcoCare® feed produce manure that flows and dissolves better. Click here to read more.

The Effect of EcoCare® feed on Manure Odors and Ammonia

Where does the smell come from? How can odors affect us? How does EcoCare® feed affect odors? Click here to read more.

The Importance of using Crystalline Amino Acid Supplementation as Integral Part of the EcoCare® Feed Program

Using crystalline amino acid supplementation as an integral part of the EcoCare® Feed program helps to maximize the reduction in ammonia emission from swine production systems. Click here to read more.

Effect of EcoCare® feed on Grower/Finisher Swine Performance at LongView Animal Nutrition Center

A trial conducted at LongView Animal Nutrition Center, MO, indicated that pigs fed EcoCare® feed had numerically greater feed intake (1.6%) and average daily gain (2.2%) and were 4 lbs heavier at the end of the study when compared to control group. Click here to read more.

The Effect of EcoCare® feed on Manure and Swine Performance

A commercial field trial was performed using approx 1000 head per treatment. Effects on manure quality, odor and nutrient profile plus swine performance were recorded for grower-finisher pigs fed EcoCare® feed versus a control diet. Click here to read more.

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