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Feeding for 30: The Nutritional Link to the Goal of 30 P/S/Y

Maternal nutrition has a major influence on fetal growth and sow herd nutrition is a key influencer of litter size and performance in any size operation.  So how can you better feed for 30?  Click here to read more.

Feeding for 30: Reproduction Considerations

Monitoring and managing sow condition can help determine the appropriate feeding program adjustments during gestation and lactation. Click here to read more.

Strategies to Reduce Preweaning Mortality in Pigs

This article discusses strategies to reduce preweaning mortality in pigs. Click here to read more.

Improving Sow Productivity when Feeding Medium- or High-energy Diets

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With longer lactations (to improve piglet survivability in the nursery), the industry is pressing sow’s to produce more and better milk while not losing body condition. This article includes the results of a trial conducted at LongView Animal Nutrition Center, MO, evaluating two levels of fat (2.5 and 5.0%) with and without PUSH® feed on 152 litters. 
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Solving a Key Sow Production Challenge – Lactation Feed Intake in the Summer

This article discusses why lactation intake is so important and how lactation intake can be improved in hot weather. 
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True Appetizer™ Feed Increased Sow Feed Intake in a Field Study Located in Ohio


Low sow feed intake has a negative influence on reproduction, which is particularly evident during hot weather. A study was conducted in Ohio from July to September 2008 to determine the effects of True Appetizer™ feed supplementation to sows during lactation under warm environmental conditions on sow feed consumption and productivity in a commercial facility.
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Improving Sow Productivity by using PUSH® Feed


This article discusses the improvement in pig growth performance and sow reproductive performance when using PUSH® feed during a commercial retrospective comparison of approx 970 litters.
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