Featherlite Trailers has introduced its new Model 8117, a gooseneck livestock trailer and “little brother” to Featherlite's Model 8127. The latest version comes standard with features that will appeal to first-time trailer buyers and infrequent haulers alike. Features include a treated wood floor, a full-swing center gate with slam latch and a curbside door for convenient unloading. Simplicity does not mean lack of quality. The Model 8117 comes with the same high standards as any Featherlite trailer, from its aluminum alloy walls to its one-piece roof. The pierce and roll technique Featherlite uses on the roof rivets is the same method used in the airline manufacturing industry to drastically reduce the chance of leaks. For more information, visit Featherlite online at www.fthr.com or call (800) 800-1230.

Water-Soluble Plasma Proteins

TechMix, Inc. has introduced Liquitein, a ready-to-use, water-soluble source of plasma proteins delivered through the drinking water via a standard medicator during times of stress. Liquitein was developed by TechMix, specialists in water-soluble animal health products, and APC, Inc., a leader in plasma protein fractionation and manufacturing. Liquitein is used to enrich water with plasma, delivering functional proteins when they are needed most: to deter postweaning lag, stress events during finishing and any time pigs go off feed. To administer, simply open the 2½-gal. jug of Liquitein, insert a medicator hose and turn on the water. “Liquitein will offer an additional delivery method for plasma through a standard medicator,” says Dennis McKilligan, product development manager at TechMix. “Spray-dried plasma through dry feed has been the standard for years. Now early Liquitein users indicate that they're getting the same plasma benefits with Liquitein in a form that can be targeted to stressed pigs immediately, without the preparation hassle.” For more information, visit www.techmixinc.com or call (877) 466-6455.

Swine Respiratory Disease Treatment

Pfizer Animal Health has received federal approval for DRAXXIN (tulathromycin) Injectable Solution for the control of swine respiratory disease (SRD) due to Actinobacillus pleuropneumonia, Pasteurella multocida and Mycoplasmal pneumonia. “This new claim will help swine producers to better control respiratory disease,” says Steve Sornsen, DVM, director of veterinary services for Pfizer Animal Health. “DRAXXIN is rapidly released and absorbed from the injection site and extensively distributed, so the product acts quickly against respiratory disease. Furthermore, DRAXXIN provides high and long-lasting concentrations in the lung tissues, providing a complete treatment and excellent efficacy treating and controlling swine respiratory disease.” DRAXXIN provides an extended duration of efficacy in pigs of at least nine days after a single intramuscular dose. DRAXXIN also treats pigs for the control of Bordetella bronchiseptica and Haemophilus parasuis. For more information, contact your veterinarian or local Pfizer Animal Health Representative, or visit www.draxxin.com.

Pork Industry Handbook

The 2009 Pork Industry Handbook is available for purchase through Purdue University Extension — The Education Store. The third edition of the handbook is a cooperative effort of the Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service, Pork Checkoff and the U.S. Pork Center of Excellence. The latest version has new and improved content, industry statistics and historical data, and new information on human resources, swine welfare, genetics, environmental stewardship and worker health.“The Pork Industry Handbook covers all aspects of pork production from conception to products, and it includes the most current and up-to-date information available,” says Alan Sutton, Purdue Extension swine specialist. A new DVD version of the handbook includes the print version and color versions of all photos and graphics in the handbook. It has more than 30 how-to videos and more than 20 interactive swine management worksheets. The handbook sells for $100 plus $15 shipping, and the DVD sells for $45 plus $6.50 shipping. Contact the Education Store at (888) 398-4636 or media.order@purdue.edu.

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