The use of antibiotics in swine has been greatly overestimated by critics according to a new study by Kansas State University. The study published in the March issue of Foodborne Pathogens & Disease, studied data from a 2006 USDA swine survey and a 2009 survey of swine veterinarians. The study showed that pork producers use some 1.6 million pounds of antibiotics for growth promotion/nutritional efficiency and disease prevention. The Union of Concerned Scientists’ report, “Hogging It,’ claimed that 10.3 million pounds a years were used. The National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) said, “Pork producers use antibiotics carefully and judiciously to protect public health and the health of their animals and to produce safe food. To denigrate America’s hog farmers by deliberately peddling misinformation about how they care for their animals is despicable.”