T. Murphy Associates announces publication of its farm accounting textbook entitled, “Farm Management Accounting in MIS Mode.” The textbook completes the financial software package called agMIS. The 100-plus page illustrated publication explains how to use the agMIS system as intended to support daily management and accounting needs of the farm. The publication delves into the need for greater attention to solving farm software problems. The nine chapters in the text each address a specific management topic, such as managing production costs, managing accrued income, managing cash and taxes, and managing assets and the balance sheet, all with illustrated examples. The book currently exists only in e-book form, and will be distributed free with the agMIS software package at its low price of $225 (plus tax in Nebraska). A printed version is contemplated for use in classrooms. For details, call (402) 433-4801 or visit www.agmis.com.

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