Computer scanner advances efficiency and sow productivity.

Norsvin USA has announced that it has implemented computer tomography (CT) in its new boar testing facility near Hamar, Norway. Norsvin now CT-scans 3,500 live boars annually, contributing to the highest accuracy possible for Norsvin's genetic improvement and selection. Company scientists predict an annual increase in genetic improvement of 30% for Norsvin terminal lines and 17% for Norsvin maternal lines, boosting feed efficiency, lean meat yield and sow productivity. Less than 3% of the 3,500 boars tested are selected as nucleus level Elite boars, contributing semen to Norsvin nucleus herds in the United States, Scandinavia and Europe. Norsvin USA holds exclusive distribution rights for Norsvin Genetics in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Columbia. For more information, go to

EPA Approves Fly Product

Novartis Animal Health has won registration approval from the Environmental Protection Agency for its broad-spectrum insecticide OxyFly for control of adult flies in livestock and poultry operations. Besides flies, OxyFly controls other pests including fleas, ticks, litter beetles and cockroaches often found in animal housing and feed storage facilities. OxyFly provides rapid knockdown of adult flies as well as long-lasting residual activity. The product is odor-free and has low toxicity. OxyFly features a micro-encapsulated formulation that offers convenience and an easy-to-use spray or paint-on application. The highly concentrated formulation is ideal for larger operations. “OxyFly gives livestock producers and other animal operators an effective solution to pest problems that surface in the warmer weather months,” says Steve Boren, head of the U.S. farm animal business at Novartis. OxyFly is the latest addition to Novartis' integrated fly control program that eliminates and prevents flies through their lifecycle. For more information, call (800) 843-3386 or visit

Breeding Herd Vaccines

Pfizer Animal Health has added two newly formulated 2-ml. vaccines to help protect breeding animals from major reproductive diseases. FarrowSure GOLD vaccine helps provide protection against porcine parvovirus, erysipelas and five strains of leptospirosis. FarrowSure GOLD B helps protect breeding animals from the same seven diseases, plus protects against Leptospira bratislava. “Parvo, lepto and erysipelas vaccination is an important component of any breeding herd health program,” says Steve Sornsen, DVM, director of veterinary services for Pfizer Animal Health. “FarrowSure GOLD helps provide the longest labeled duration of erysipelas immunity available — 18 weeks — for protection you can count on. And we have the manufacturing capacity to ensure a consistent, uninterrupted supply,” Sornsen states. Products include a new, low-volume dose and are available in 50-dose and 250-dose sizes. For more information, go to

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