Brent Scholl of Polo, IL, was elected president of the Illinois Pork Producers Association (IPPA) during the recent Illinois Pork Expo at Peoria, IL.

Scholl, a fifth-generation pork producer, is passionate about pork production and providing a safe product for consumers.

“Being part of a family partnership gives me the opportunity to provide safe and nutritious food for my family, for my neighbors throughout Illinois and for families around the globe. I’m proud of that.”

The new Illinois pork leader, who is serving his seventh year on IPPA’s board, is well aware of the economic challenges facing pork producers.

“We’re hoping to increase our exports of pork to markets like China and Russia where consumption is on the rise. That should help us to at least break even this year,” he says.

Besides poor markets, Scholl is also conscious of the increased pressure on pork producers on the issue of animal care, specifically the use of antibiotics.

“As a consumer and a parent, I’m concerned about the safety of food I serve my family. This is why my fellow pork producers work side by side with our veterinarians to keep pigs healthy and prevent disease before it spreads.

“Just as we use antibiotics to prevent, control and treat infectious disease in our homes, we do the same in our barns to ensure our animals are as healthy as possible. We know that keeping animals healthy and providing for their well-being directly relates to a safe food supply,” he emphasizes.

Scholl also takes great pride in doing the right thing on the farm. “We eat the same pork that we send to market, so it is our mission to provide our animals with proper care and nutrition so we create the safest product possible,” he says. “Also, making sure we’re environmentally responsible in our management decisions ensures that this farm will continue on for generations to come.”

Other officers elected include: Mike Haag, Emington, president-elect; Dereke Dunkirk, Morrisonville, vice-president-treasurer; and Todd Dail, Erie, secretary.