For the first time in its history, the Indiana Pork Advocacy Coalition (INPAC) has backed a political candidate, endorsing Mitch Daniels in his bid for a second term as governor of Indiana.

INPAC officials strongly believe that Daniels is the best candidate to lead the state of Indiana over the next four years.

Gov. Daniels has served as a long-time champion of agriculture in the state, recognizing and promoting its economic value to the state and an industry that is vital to the lives of thousands of Hoosiers.

“Governor Daniels demonstrates a unique and passionate support for agriculture in Indiana, and his unwavering focus on aligning policies aimed at helping to re-grow our pork industry has made a major difference to Indiana farm families,” says Malcolm DeKryger, INPAC chairman and owner of a family farm in DeMotte, IN. “Though we do not historically endorse candidates at any level in the political process, our organization has unanimously decided to break with tradition and offer our wholehearted support to Gov. Daniels’ campaign.”

The Indiana Pork Advocacy Coalition is a group that helps protect, promote and grow business opportunities of its members by supporting laws and regulations that allow pork production businesses to thrive. For more information, visit

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