Sow Lameness Symposium II at the University of Minnesota in St. Paul and at the Minneapolis Hilton, Aug. 31-Sept. 2, is hosted by Zinpro Corp. Presented will be the most recent advances in sow lameness causes, implications and prevention.

Industry and university experts including members of Zinpro’s Feet First team discuss important topics such as prevalence, risk factors, anatomy and pathology, sow fertility and longevity, economics and possible solutions.

Specific presentations include:

  • Ken Stalder, Iowa State University, discusses selection of gilts and biomechanics.
  • John Deen, DVM, University of Minnesota, presents the past, present and future of swine lameness.
  • Cathy Carlson, University of Minnesota, discusses osteochondrosis in swine.
  • Anna Johnson of Iowa State University covers pain and behavior/welfare in swine production.
  • Jerry Torrison, DVM, University of Minnesota, looks at pathology pathways and anatomy.

Workshop clinics cover reproduction with Mark Wilson of Zinpro, lesion pathology with Torrison, economics/FeetFirst Calculator with Deen, osteochondrosis with Carlson and pen gestation lessons from Europe.

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