The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Tuesday announced the approval of Uniferon (injectable iron) for the prevention and treatment of iron deficiency anemia in baby pigs.

The supply of injectable iron dextran products in the United States in recent years has been inconsistent, according to the FDA, resulting in shortages.

As a result, FDA determined the product was a medically necessary drug and issued letters of no objection to certain approved companies, allowing them to temporarily import and distribute an injectable 200 mg./ml iron dextran product into the United States.

“This announcement of the approval of Uniferon should provide an adequate U.S. domestically manufactured supply and therefore effectively end any current shortages,” FDA says.

Uniferon is manufactured by Pharmacosmos, Inc. of Watchung, NJ, and distributed by IVESCO of Iowa Falls, IA.

For more information regarding pricing and availability of iron dextran from Uniferon, contact IVESCO at (800) 457-0118.