Ohio State University Extension will be holding a series of swine meetings in March covering grow-finish, the breeding herd and the environment.

The meetings will take place via teleconference at the following locations: Celina, Greenville, Sidney, Marion, Ottawa, Urbana, Wauseon, Wilmington, Wooster and Zanesville. The sessions are free and open to the public.
Dates and agendas include:

March 7—Grow-finish: 11 a.m., Corn Ethanol and Feed Prices; 1 p.m., Update on Porcine Circovirus-Associated Disease; 2 p.m., Mortality Composting (This session is not via teleconference.).

March 14—Breeding herd: 11 a.m., Effect of Weaning Age and Weight on Reproduction and Growth; 1 p.m., Maximizing Pig Immunity Through the Sow; 2 p.m., Pork Quality Assurance program.

March 21—Environment: 11 a.m., Ohio Department of Agriculture inspectors; 1 p.m., Manure Happens; 2 p.m., Update and Educational Opportunities with the Ohio State University ventilation trailer.

To find out more, call the local OSU Extension county office, visit http://porkinfo.osu.edu or call (800) 320-7991.