Alternative production methods and marketing niche pork products are the themes of the NichePork Conference on Jan. 23, 2007 at the Ramada Conference Center in Bryan-Montpelier, OH.

“This conference provides pork producers with an opportunity to learn from and share ideas with industry experts as well as other producers who are having success marketing niche pork,” says Rick Pfortmiller, National Swine Registry and member of the National Pork Board’s Niche Marketing Committee.

The conference provides science-based information and product attributes valued by consumers. Industry experts will explain research on consumer trends and buying potential.

A registration form can be downloaded at More details are available by contacting Florian Chirra at Ohio State University Extension at (419) 636-5607 or or contacting Beth Franz, Cass County Extension (Michigan State University) at (269) 445-4438 or