The USDA has announced a $5 million multi-state grant to establish the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center (AMRC). The AMRC will be a collaboration of university and outreach specialists who research and interpret information on value-added agricultural activities.

"This state-of-the-art resource center will facilitate the use of technology to provide research, technical assistance and delivery of agricultural products to markets throughout the world," says USDA Secretary Ann Veneman.

The center will be aligned with four universities, including Iowa State, Kansas State, Oklahoma State and the University of California.

Iowa State University Extension will provide administrative leadership. Kansas State and the University of California will conduct research/outreach and commodity specific content. Oklahoma State will focus on food processing and proprietary data analysis.

The center will offer knowledge-based resources including:

  • An electronic, web-based library to disseminate information and resources to producers and processors;
  • A web-based forum to encourage the exchange of information and development of strategic alliances and partnerships; and
  • Coordinated research and outreach support systems, including training and instructional materials for producers who wish to enter the value-added activities utilizing new telecommunications and computer technology.
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