“Outdoor Air Quality” offers details on procedures to estimate, measure and minimize the impact of air quality from dairy, beef, swine and poultry manure.

The MidWest Plan Service book has an air quality model to help estimate the area of concern.

“This book does a good job of addressing the technical issues of air quality and provides specific strategies for minimizing the impact of odor emissions on neighbors,” says Albert Heber, professor of agricultural and biological engineering at Purdue University.

The impact of gases such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide is also addressed.

“Every year in the Midwest, two to three farmers die from exposure to toxic gases generated in enclosed manure storages,” notes Don Jones, professor of agricultural and biological engineering at Purdue.

Both Heber and Jones assisted in reviewing several chapters in the publication.

“Outdoor Air Quality” is available for $17, plus shipping and handling, from the Midwest Plan Service, Iowa State University. Order toll-free at 800-562-3618 or online at http://www.mwpshq.org .