During November and December, Schwan’s Home Delivery Service is featuring nine pork items.

"There are similarities in the demographics of the typical pork consumer and the typical Schwan’s consumer, which makes this a great group to focus our promotions," says Mark Bartusek, New Prague, MN, producer and National Pork Board member.

Schwan’s sells door-to-door to more than 5 million customers across the U.S and on the Internet to an even larger group of customers. The Minnesota-based company is featuring pork items with the pork checkoff logo in the "Dinner is Solved, Home for the Holidays" sales supplement delivered in late October.

Managers who sell the most pork items will receive a prize package that includes tickets to the national college football championship.

The contest is in its third year and sales are expected to rise by 40% over 2001, according to Sharon Hennen, Schwan’s meat buyer.