The Pork Checkoff Service Center has logged more than 27,000 calls since its launch in July 2002.

That includes incoming and outgoing calls with producers and educators and others who work with pork producers.

From January to July 2003, the center had 17,665 producer contacts, on its way to an annual goal of 40,000 calls.

“Whenever I have a question about the pork checkoff or how my investment in the checkoff is at work, I can call 800-456-PORK for an accurate, timely answer,” says Duane Bakke, Lanesboro, MN, pork producer and chair of the Producer and State Relations Committee.

Top on the list of reasons to call in is to check on certification programs such as the Pork Quality Assurance (PQA) program. Second reason to call is to listen to the Marketline, a recorded message about daily hog prices, or to order merchandise.