Sadly, a father and son perished last month while working in a pit below a hog building, according to the National Pork Board.

Key reminders when working around pits and lagoons are:

  • Maintain the ventilation systems within confinement buildings.

  • Provide increased ventilation when aerating the manure pit.

  • Never enter a manure pit without wearing a harness and being attached to a mechanical extraction device. Have someone present to operate the extraction device in case the person who entered the manure pit collapses.

  • Provide a durable, under-building manure storage hazard sign to warn of the inhalation hazard.

  • Provide a durable, above-ground or manure lagoon hazard sign to warn of the drowning hazard.

  • When entering an underground manure storage, wear a self-contained breathing apparatus and know how to use it. A safety harness should be worn and personnel stationed outside the storage area to monitor the entrant’s progress.