The Iowa Pork Industry Center at Iowa State University (ISU) has funded eight projects for ISU Extension staff to pursue:

  • Agricultural engineer Greg Brenneman, $2,000 to study residual benefits of swine manure one and two years after application;
  • Swine field specialist Mark Storlie, $2,150 to evaluate use of electronic identification implants in sows;
  • Project planning specialist Tom Miller and Brenneman, $8,000 to study using swine manure in forage production;
  • Swine field specialist Larry McMullen, $2,500 to conduct a workshop for consumers on pork quality;
  • Swine field specialist Jerry Weiss, $1,400 to demonstrate a new heat synchronization product for breeding gilts;
  • Stender and Weiss, $2,000 to conduct a cull sow feeding trial to maximize economic return;
  • Stender and agricultural engineer Kris Kohl, $4,300 to study the impact of diet modification on swine odor production; and
  • Stender, $1,000 to continue research comparing nursery feed additives.