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E.I. Medical, an established leader of Real Time Ultrasound utilized for early and accurate pregnancy diagnosis in sows, as well as body scoring imaging is announcing the release of a new scanner for 2001. E.I. Medical revolutionized the swine industry for early and highly accurate pregnancy diagnosis when they released their "Real McCoy" scanner during the year 1996.
E.I. Medical is now announcing the market release of their new real time ultrasound supporting the Swine Industry. This new scanner, the "Bantam", is absolute state of the art in electronic technology and was designed to be user friendly, durable, extremely light in weight, also taking into account the many suggestions by current customers of those product features that would better support their scanning needs.
The "Bantam" weighs in at less than 16 ounces, and this weight includes an on-board, removable, and rechargeable Lithium Battery. This battery pack is very similar in style to what you would see being used in the lap-top computer. The total system including the on-board battery measures approximately 5" W x 2" x x 6 "L. This scanner will be the smallest and lightest in weight system known in the animal industry today.
The "Bantam" may be purchased as a Sector Only system for pregnancy diagnosis in sows, or as a dual combination Sector-Linear system with two transducers for both pregnancy diagnosis as well as body scoring imaging. The "Bantam" will be carried on the operators belt, and will still utilize the ever popular EIM Video Headset for viewing of the scanned image. The system will display 256 shades of gray, a full 90 degree scanning angle at high frame rates, assuring absolute superb image resolution.
The "Bantam" will quickly stand out as an instrument designed for user comfort, ease of operation, durability and all of this at a price any producer can afford. All E.I. Medical scanners are manufactured at their facility located in Loveland, Colorado.