The Financial Guidelines for Agricultural Producers and the Management Accounting Guidelines, both produced by the Farm Financial Standards Council (FFSC), can now be downloaded from the council’s Web site,

“We’ve had both documents available on a CD for the past number of years, but we realize people don’t want to have to wait for these documents and want them available instantly,” says Owen Thompson, AgStar Financial Services, Mankato, MN, and president of the council.

The Financial Guidelines for Agricultural Producers offers standards for format and content of financial reports, recommended financial measures common to all sectors of agriculture and example statements and measures.

The Management Accounting Guidelines for Agricultural Producers provides consistent, reliable and accurate management information systems to support day-to-day production decisions.

“The Financial Guidelines document has undergone an update and is now current as of early April 2011. The Management Accounting Guidelines carry a 2008 copyright,” Thompson explains. “We have also separated the two files. They were both available on the CD, but we have separated them into two independent documents. And we have also lowered the price.”

The documents are now available at $12 each, $8 for academic use. To obtain either document, add them to a “shopping cart” on the FFSC Web site. Once credit card information has been provided, the guidelines can be downloaded almost instantaneously.

“This will save a good deal of time compared to the previous method of ordering and waiting for the mail to deliver the CD,” Thompson says. “The Financial Guidelines pdf is 1.4 MB and the Management Accounting pdf is 5.0 MB, so it may take a little longer to download.”