The U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance (USFRA) has launched the “Learn How Your Food is Grown and Raised” initiative through a partnership with Discovery Communications.

USFRA and Discovery Communications have created three, 60-second videos and one longer form piece (4-7 minutes). The videos feature American consumers paired with farmers and ranchers across the country, in which they sit down to a meal and discuss where the food came from, how it was raised and how farming is evolving.

The videos focus on three primary themes:

  • Join the dialogue
  • Continuous improvement
  • Healthy choices.

The documentary-style videos are airing Nov. 14-Dec. 25, 2011 across the Discovery Communications’ networks (TLC, Discovery, Discovery Science, Discovery Fit & Health, Identification Discovery, Planet Green and Animal Planet). They are being promoted via a targeted online banner ad on Discovery Communications’ online properties as well.

The videos reinforce the commitments of farmers and ranchers to having a conversation with consumers and answering questions about food production. They are meant to reinforce these important messages and stress the themes launched during the Food Dialogues in September. More importantly, they reflect USFRA’s overarching strategy and key learnings from our message research.

Farmers and ranchers participating in the videos were nominated by USFRA affiliates and were confirmed based on their availability to participate in the taping. Consumers were identified by Discovery and are not actors.