Indiana Pork is partnering with Feeding Indiana’s Hungry, Inc. in an ongoing campaign for Indiana’s pork producers to donate pork to Hoosiers experiencing hunger.

The lofty goal of the campaign is to provide one million meals per year, throughout the year, to those in need.

Indiana Pork President Randy Curless presented the first $10,000 check to the campaign during the recent Indiana State Fair. Many state officials, National Pork Board CEO Chris Novak and 200 other friends of the pork industry were in attendance to witness the launch.

The pork meals will be distributed statewide through nine food bank members of Feeding Indiana’s Hungry statewide network of food banks.

“Pork producers have always had a generous heart,” Curless says. “While local donations of pork products have been in place for decades, this is the first time the Indiana pork industry is tackling the problem of hunger on a coordinated statewide basis.”

“We are thankful for the generous contribution of time, energy and Hoosier-raised pork to help us fulfill our mission of providing Hoosiers experiencing hunger with healthy, locally raised products,” says John Etling, president of the board of Feeding Indiana’s Hungry, Inc. “Nearly 600,000 Hoosiers experience hunger, with 190,000 of those being children. Adding more healthy choices like protein-filled pork to what is available to those in need only adds to the nutritional value and quality food choices for our clients.”

Anyone wishing to donate to the Million Meals program may send donations made out to: “Million Meals Program,” c/o Feeding Indiana’s Hungry, 5722-A W. 74th St., Indianapolis, IN 46278 or contact Michael Platt of Indiana Pork at (317) 872-7500 or or Emily Weikert Bryant at (317) 396-9355 or