New survey data indicates that 82% of consumers regularly eat some type of pork at home, with the average eater consuming pork just over twice a week.

Processed pork accounts for nearly 80% of all pork consumed in the home. In fact, ham, bacon and sausage comprise about 70% of all pork consumed.

“It’s extremely interesting how little these trends have changed over time, pointing to how difficult it is to influence consumers eating patterns,” says John Green, director of strategic marketing for the National Pork Board. “If you want to influence consumers’ eating habits, these trends highlight the importance of a focused, consistent message that’s regularly communicated to a target audience.”

In targeting female consumers ages 25-49 with children at home, the pork checkoff’s Don’t be blah advertising message helps consumers beat the dinnertime doldrums.

“Instead of limiting pork to Sunday dinner, we’re showing how easy it can be to prepare a 30-minute pork tenderloin when you get home from work,” says Green. He notes that in-home consumption of fresh pork has risen 3.5% in the past year alone. “Giving consumers new ideas and cooking confidence is helping make pork a regular part of more consumers’ diets.”

The pork checkoff tracks in-home consumption trends annually using The NPD Group, a well-respected leader in consumer research. The information is also used when designing pork promotions.