The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) has announced the availability of the final guidelines to assist meat and poultry plants in improving their operations by using in-plant video monitoring.

Compliance Guidelines for Use of Video or Other Electronic Monitoring or Recording Equipment in Federally Inspected Establishments provide packing plants with the availability of video or other electronic monitoring or recording equipment for use in federally inspected establishments where meat and poultry are processed.

“The recommendations included in this compliance guide may further ensure the humane handling of livestock, as well as maintain the safety of our food supply and the integrity of federally inspected plants,” says FSIS Administrator Al Almanza. “I encourage meat and poultry establishments nationwide to utilize the technology.”

Video or other electronic recording equipment can help meat and poultry firms ensure that livestock are humanely handled, good commercial practices are being followed, product inventory is properly monitored and their facilities are adequately secure.

Records from video or other electronic monitoring or recording equipment may also be used to meet FSIS’ record-keeping requirements.

The guidelines are recommendations and not a regulatory requirement.

The guide is available online at: