New vaccine features a needle-free delivery system.

Merial has introduced the first and only USDA-approved swine respiratory vaccine administered by a needle-free delivery system. SWIVAX-MH was approved to aid in the reduction and control of Mycoplasmal pneumonia, and has been specifically formulated to be administered exclusively with the DERMA-VAC NF Transdermal Vaccination System, also new from Merial. SWIVAX-MH is prepared from inactivated cultures of mycoplasma combined with an adjuvant. The vaccine cannot be administered with a conventional needle and syringe. The needle-free system works to deliver vaccine by release of a small amount of pressurized gas upon triggering, which forces the vaccine through the nozzle orifice of the delivery system. An ultra-fine stream of vaccine, moving at high initial pressure and speed, penetrates the skin and is dispersed into the animal tissue. There are many advantages to using transdermal delivery. “This mode of administration will allow for a targeted immune response, reduction of broken needles and increased worker safety,” explains Frank Milward, Merial Biological Research and Development. “Also, less product is required for vaccination — 0.5 ml vs. a typical dosage of 1.0 ml to 2.0 ml.” For more information, contact your local Merial sales representative or call (888) 637-4251.

Handheld Computers

Tripod Data Systems has introduced two mobile handheld computers. TDS Recon is an extremely rugged pocket PC that runs applications outside in all kinds of weather. It features advanced technology with Windows Mobile 5.0, and provides over 15 hours of continuous operation at 68° F. TDS Recon operates at -30° F to well over 100° F. It weighs just 17 oz. and comes with a rechargeable PowerBoot. Two models are available, Recon 200 and Recon 400. The TDS Ranger combines a Windows operating system, an ergonomic keypad and military-grade durability. Two models, 300X and the powerful 500X, offer the latest technology. Windows Mobile runs thousands of applications, while wireless capabilities let you connect without cables. With CompactFlash and Secure Digital, you can add multiple accessories and increase data storage. For more information, call (541) 752-9000 or log onto

Space Heater

Chore-Time Hog Production Systems has added the DURA-THERM 250 Space Heater to its line of livestock and poultry production products. This upgraded heater provides improved heating capability and quicker warm-ups for greater animal comfort. The heater provides 250,000 Btus of heat and is designed to heat 2,750 to 4,400 sq. ft. of space. The new heater was redesigned with the help of customer input and engineering changes to provide the increased Btus. The DURA-THERM 250 is available for use with LP or natural gas and features a direct spark ignition or hot surface ignition system. For more information, call (574) 658-4101, e-mail or log onto

Reproductive Data Management

Iowa Pork Industry Center (IPIC) of Iowa State University has developed Sow Tracker, their new swine reproductive data management software. This entry-level software is designed to assist the swine producer in managing the breeding, farrowing and weaning aspects of a swine production enterprise. Written in MS-Access and compatible with USB printers, Sow Tracker is comprised of more than 14 reproductive data management reports to assist the producer in his farrowing operation. Data entry is simplified using a drop-down, menu-based system. It's easy to modify sow numbers in full view of the sows' full reproductive history. All basic events such as entry, mating, pregnancy check, group identification, location identification, farrow, foster, pig death, wean, part wean, nurse on, nurse off and sow removal are included. Data can be extracted for upgrading to more comprehensive software applications. For more information, contact IPIC Director John Mabry at (515) 294-4103 or

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