Feed ingredient targets starveouts and pigs falling behind in nursery and farrowing barns.

Hubbard Feeds has introduced Jumpstart, a specialized feed to provide extra nutrition to at-risk or lightweight pigs in nursery and farrowing barns. Test markets of Hubbard's research and customers have shown positive results when Jumpstart was fed for the recommended five to seven days to pigs starving out or falling behind in weight gain. “Jumpstart is targeting those pigs that are significantly challenged because they're getting limited nutrition,” states Mark Johnson, general manager of Hubbard's swine division. “Balancing highly digestible carbohydrate sources with gut-enhancing products and a quality milk replacer, immature and stressed pigs receive the special start they need to not only survive, but to thrive.” Jumpstart is a powder that mixes with an equal amount of water to make a liquid gruel that is highly palatable and digestible. Optilac milk replacer and spray-dried whey provide high quality lactose products. Spray-dried animal plasma, soy protein concentrate and cheese meal provide essential amino acids that also promote lean muscle growth. Steam-rolled oats with high quality carbohydrates add energy. Jumpstart should be fed in combination with a dry starter until pigs have fully transitioned to nursery feed. For more information, contact Hubbard by phone (507) 388-9400 or log onto www.hubbardfeeds.com.

Water Proportioner Makeover

Dosmatic U.S.A. International, Inc. unveils the latest addition to its Professional Line of non-electrical, water-driven proportional injectors. The new SuperDos features a redesigned body with an enhanced and improved internal mixing chamber and patented one-way chemical seal. Improved engineered polymers provide added strength and chemical compatibility. While the body is new, the proportioner provides the same dependable and proven motor piston and dosage system. An on/off feature is standard, with an improved remote injection option also available. For more information, call (800) 344-6767.

Premix Product Treats Haemophilus Parasuis

Pulmotil Premix from Elanco Animal Health has been approved in Canada as the first in-feed solution to treat Glasser's disease. “Glasser's disease poses a serious threat, and by providing solutions such as Pulmotil Premix, Elanco can help Canadian hog producers compete in the world marketplace,” says Marie Anne Paradis, an Elanco senior research and development scientist. Elanco received Canadian regulatory approval for Pulmotil premix to reduce the severity of Glasser's (porcine polyserositis and arthritis associated with Haemophilus parasuis) when fed to pigs about seven days prior to an expected outbreak. Pulmotil (tilmicosin) has a withdrawal time of 14 days. Elanco recommends feeding the product the first three weeks after weaning. This practice gets an animal off to a strong start to help producers yield more full value pigs. Contact Elanco Canada by phone at (519) 821-0277 or log onto www.elanco.com.

Computer Herd Control

Diversified Import's Rotem Communicator allows the user to stay in touch and control the hog farm environment at all times. The communicator serves as a pipeline between multiple controllers and various communication interfaces, permitting the producer to control the herd environment from a local computer or from a remote computer connected via modem. An integral part of the computer, the modem is easy to program and set up. The communicator features a built-in programmable voice chip that announces all active messages and alarms. The user can also compose messages. An optional cellular modem can deliver cellular or text messages. A built-in transceiver can communicate with a local network on the farm. Three dry contact relays can control various devices near the communicator. An internal data plug saves settings and provides a table of events. All data generated by the controller sends alerts on any problems in the hog environment. The controller also has a large LCD screen. For more information, call (732) 363-2333 or click on the company's Web site, www.diversifiedimports.com.

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