A non-point source water pollution bill has been passed by the Wisconsin legislature, according to Keri Retallick, executive vice president of the Wisconsin Pork Producers Association.

Under the bill, the Department of Natural Resources will set performance standards for both urban and rural sources of non-point water pollution.

Agricultural practices that match standards set up by the new statute will require that a livestock operation should:

* Have no overflow from manure storage structures.

* Have no outside manure pile near a water quality management area.

* Have no direct runoff from a feedlot or stored manure into the waters of the state.

* Not allow unlimited access by livestock to waters of the state where high concentrations of animals prevent the maintenance of adequate sod cover.

"Act 27 establishes consistent water quality standards throughout the state," says Retallick. It provides $2 million in funding for the pollution control effort.

Retallick says WPPA is working with state officials to encourage producers to develop a nutrient management plan.