The Infraconic Radiant Heater from L.B. White is designed for the new wean-to-finish concept, according to marketing specialist Steve Waller.

"This is an ideal unit for directing heat right onto growing pigs without excessively heating the entire building," Waller says.

The heaters convert gas to radiant energy and generate a consistent temperature at animal level. Anodized aluminum canopys and stainless steel radiant cones are designed to reduce corrosion and maximize heat reflection.

Infraconic's modulating control maintains a consistent temperature at ground level by adjusting heat output from 10% to 100%. The modulating version is available with a washable air filter to help reduce dust getting into the unit.

The products are available in LP or natural gas models and in two sizes. The model I-17 is 17,100 Btu and the I-34 is 34,200 Btu.

Craig Christensen asked about heater height in a wean-to-finish barn. Waller explained placing the heaters 4.5 to 5 ft. off the floor would heat a 10-ft. diameter area. A temperature probe is placed at pig level to monitor the temperature.

Prices depend upon the model and accessories included. List price for the I-17 model is $271, while the I-34 lists at $355.

(Circle Reply Card No. 108)