The National Pseudorabies (PRV) Control Board has recommended to the U.S. Department of Agriculture that the PRV status for Iowa be upgraded to Stage IV, and Nebraska's and South Dakota's to Stage V.

With those changes, all states are in Stage IV or V in the national eradication program.

The exception is a small pocket of counties in southeast Pennsylvania that remains in Stage III, says Paul Sundberg, DVM, assistant vice president for Veterinary Issues, National Pork Board. See Figure 1 for a state breakdown.

All of the known, infected herds in southeast Pennsylvania have been depopulated, and state officials are investigating the outbreaks and heightening surveillance.

The state-federal-industry cooperative eradication program still needs vigilance in maintaining surveillance in the U.S., stresses Sundberg. Pork producers still need to observe good herd biosecurity procedures. In the remaining Stage IV states, producers should consult their veterinarians regarding herd health vaccination procedures for PRV, he says.