With the mid-January announcement that there are no cases of pseudorabies (PRV) in Iowa, the elimination of the nation's last known cases brings eradication a step closer to reality.

“This is a major accomplishment for pork producers in Iowa and even across the U.S.,” says Loda, IL, producer Jim Niewold, chair, National Pork Board Swine Health Committee. “Now we are collectively holding our breath for the next two months or so. If Iowa and the rest of the nation can get through March and April without any significant outbreaks, we will have taken a giant step toward final eradication of the virus in the U. S.”

Even though there are no known PRV-infected premises in the country, the eradication effort continues, assures Beth Lautner, DVM, National Pork Board vice president of science and technology.

“There still might be a risk of outbreaks from herds that are infected but not yet detected, and there is an ongoing surveillance effort to find any remaining PRV-infected herds that might still be in the country,” she says. The eradication program will continue until the U.S. is declared free of the virus and other countries recognize the U.S. as being PRV-free.

Keys to staying free of the virus are biosecurity and vaccination. Talk to your veterinarian to determine if vaccination is still a necessity on your operation, adds Niewold.