Versatile Landscraper

The Westendorf Landscraper can be used for forming and maintaining drainage ditches, constructing terraces, removing snow or spreading rock and gravel. It is available in 8- 10- or 12-ft. models and has a 6-in.-high carbon steel cutting edge and hubs/bearings that are interchangeable with Westendorf's standard WW-1610 wagon. Grease zerks are located at all pivot points and a gauge rod shows the cutting depth. The Landscraper also has a 3-in. lift cylinder, 15-in. standard rims and an extra strong tongue constructed of square tubular steel. The large weight box provides additional cutting pressure needed for more challenging tasks. The new system allows each wheel to be adjusted independently to provide 0-12-in. tilt of the cutting bar by using a manual crank or the optional hydraulic cylinder.
(Circle Reply Card No. 101)

New Feed Handling Software

Easy Automation Inc. introduces its new Feed Office Pro software, which builds upon earlier Easy Feed and Quick Feed software packages. The system is designed with numerous modules that allow the package to fit the needs of medium- to large-farm feed-milling systems. Features include the ability to store rations, perform the company's patented automatic feed budgeting, manage and schedule feed orders, print delivery tickets, update rations from nutrition packages, manage inventory, manage animal groups, print mix tickets, price and cost feed, predict ingredient needs and more. The system is designed to link with many popular accounting systems. The single, expandable, multi-user system is simple to use, with typical implementations taking only a few days.
(Circle Reply Card No. 102)

Automatic Gate Openers

GTO Inc.'s Mighty Mule E-Z swing gate opener offers an affordable way to automate gates. The Mighty Mule runs on a low-voltage battery that's constantly recharged, so operation is not interrupted by a power outage. The opener operates with the use of a transmitter similar to a garage door opener and features a new soft start/soft stop feature. A solar panel to charge the battery is also an option for those who have a gate far from a power supply. The automated gate also features push-button programming and a larger control box with room for an additional battery.
(Circle Reply Card No. 103)

Welding Generator

The Bobcat 250 is the new welding generator from Miller Electric Manufacturing Company. The generator is designed for superior durability, strong generator power, quieter operation and better welding performance. It features a fully enclosed case, super-tough Xenoy “protective armor” on the front pane, an Accu-rated 10,000 watts of useable peak generator power and a 12 gal. fuel tank, which allows an additional four hours of work before refueling on a typical welding job. Under a continuous load of 4,000 watts of generator power, the Bobcat 250 can run for about 14 hours. In addition, Miller's new and exclusive Tri-Cor technology adds more iron to the stabilizer, improving stick-welding performance.
(Circle Reply Card No. 104)

New Utility Tractor Line

McCormick International USA has further enhanced the McCormick tractor line by adding the all-new C-Max Series, a new range of utility tractors that meets the requirements of price-conscious and small acreage owners. The C-Max Series features five models ranging from 59-99 engine hp (52-99 PTO hp) that utilize the latest generation of 3- and 4-cylinder Perkins 1100 Series engines. The tractors have three transmission options — 12+12, 24+12 with creep, and 24+12 with overdrive. All tractors feature a dry-clutch synchronized shuttle to ensure easy operation of directional change.
(Circle Reply Card No. 105)

Low-Profile 400 Series Tractors

AGCO Corporation's Massey Ferguson 400 Series tractor line is now more versatile with the introduction of four new low-profile models. The tractors are lower and more compact all around to fit into tight, restricted heights. Design changes, such as the reengineered rollover protective structures (ROPS), redesigned fenders and even the downsized steering wheel, shave inches off tractor height. Smaller diameter wheel offerings not only shorten the profile, but also lower the center of gravity. Two four-position hydraulic valves, with kickout and float as standard equipment, make the tractors more responsive.
(Circle Reply Card No. 106)

Cab-Forward (CF) Trucks

International Truck and Engine Corporation will begin production of the versatile CF Series in early 2005. Providing maneuverability in an economical package, the CF series features the new International VT 275 V6 diesel engine and a high-strength, low-alloy steel frame with 34-in.-wide frame rails, taper-leaf suspension and standard front-and-rear shock absorbers. Two models are available: the International CF 500 that targets the Class 4 market with a 16,000-lb. GVW rating, and the International CF 600 for the Class 5 market with a 19,500-lb. GVW rating.
(Circle Reply Card No. 107)

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