Large Abdominal Probe

The new Agroscan from ECM features a large, abdominal probe of 3.5 MHz, designed to evaluate loin muscle and fat thickness. The new probe is used with the Agroscan L system, which is lightweight, portable and easy to use. It features a 135-mm (5.3 in.)-long probe, allowing for transverse and longitudinal scans. The portable, ultrasound scanner has a built-in battery.
(Circle Reply Card No. 101)

Remote Monitoring System

Sensaphone announces the availability of the new Sensaphone FarmSitter, a remote monitoring system designed to protect farm premises from dramatic and potentially dangerous changes in environmental conditions. The FarmSitter remotely monitors swine buildings and other facilities 24 hours a day, alerting managers when environmental conditions fluctuate, threatening livestock, personnel, facilities and equipment. The system tracks conditions such as temperature changes, power failures, timers, alarms, excess humidity, water seepage, floods, intrusion, or other conditions.
(Circle Reply Card No. 102)

Fat Emulsifier

Kemin Agri-Foods North America announces the availability of a new fat emulsifier for swine diets that can increase net energy absorption in nursery pigs. According to the company, Lysoforte brand biosurfactant is based on patented technology and was designed for animals where fat absorption can be problematic. Increasing the efficiency of fat absorption will optimize diets and improve animal performance, according to the company. The active ingredients in Lysoforte are powerful biosurfactants that assist in fat absorption by facilitating the emulsification of fat in the feed.
(Circle Reply Card No. 103)

On-Board Tire Sanitizer

Monroe Truck Equipment, Inc. introduces the on-board tire sanitizer. The unit has the capabilities to help provide effective sanitation of tire treads and wheels of delivery and service vehicles, along with operator apparel and other related equipment that may need sanitizing prior to entering and exiting a facility. This simple system combines spray nozzles positioned above vehicle wheels with a storage tank and pump to apply disinfectants to tires while the vehicle is on the go. Units are available with disinfectant tanks ranging from 9 gal. for small vehicles to 240 gal. for semi trucks.
(Circle Reply Card No. 104)

Handheld Recordkeeping

Stock Mate is the newest program for the handheld pocket PC or laptop computer from Farm Works Software. Stock Mate is designed to handle multiple species, such as cattle, hogs, dairy and sheep. Farmers and ranchers can save time by entering records for each animal while in the pasture or barn. Records that can be entered include birth, mating, weaning, health, feed, weights, pregnancy checks, due dates, vaccination reminders or detailed history records for each animal. All records download into Farm Works' desktop program called Farm Stock, which has also been upgraded. It now features a redesigned full screen with user-friendly action tabs for quick data entry. Other features include saving multiple weights per animal and the option of entering additional health records for each animal. All reports can be exported in Excel, Word or text formats.
(Circle Reply Card No. 105)

Auto-Sort Software

Schick Enterprises has developed FarmIQ, software that strives to lower management costs and simplify the daily tasks normally associated with automatic hog sorting equipment. With FarmIQ's easy-to-use interface, little computer knowledge is required. The producer need only choose the task to be completed and the software will carry out the task. Manually moving gates is just one sorting task that is no longer necessary. Another feature is the accessibility to all scales and the detailed information they collect through one computer. Currently, FarmIQ supports all SortAll Revolution scales. It is the first in a series of auto-sort software to be released by Schick Enterprises.
(Circle Reply Card No. 106)

Rodent Control

Since many rat and mouse populations have grown resistant to certain types of rodenticides, specifically anticoagulants, Agrisel USA has developed Gladiator, an EPA-approved neurotoxin for anticoagulant-resistant rodents. Formulated for higher palatability to ensure consumption, a single dose is lethal to rodents — including the Norway rat, the roof rat and the house mouse. After consumption of the product, results are achieved within one or two days. Gladiator is safe for pets and animals.
(Circle Reply Card No. 107)

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