Rodent Control

Motomco's line of rodent control products includes the Tomcat mouse bait station, the Tomcat LP bait station and the Tomcat multiple catch mouse trap. The tamper-resistant mouse bait station locks the bait out of sight. A special plastic key makes it easy to bait and reuse. The LP bait station (pictured) is tamper-resistant and low profile, measuring 3⅜-in. tall by 9-in. deep. Winding the handle of the multiple catch mouse trap sets the rotating mechanism ready for capture. It can catch up to 10 mice with a single setting. Call (800) 418-9242.
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Compost Attachments

Brown Bear Corp. produces compost aerator attachments for skid-steer loaders, farm tractors, articulated and crawler loaders to help you to compost mortalities, pig manure, shredded corn stalks, straw or hay for odor, fly or run-off control as well as for nitrogen immobilization and environmental compliance. Call (515) 322-4220.
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Dry Tube Feeder

Dry tube feeders introduced by Aqua Feeder feature a PVC feed tube with a plastic feed hopper, 16-gauge, stainless steel partition, top calibration, self-locking adjustment with precision to 1/128 in. and a feed agitation spinner. The feeder has welded construction and a feeder length that allows double-density loading. Feed tubes also help keep dust to a minimum. Call (402) 687-0555.
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Direct Injector

The Expandable Spring Shank Direct Injector from Balzer Inc. features low-profile, toggle-trip reset mechanisms so pressure is applied to the toggle, not to the springs. The low profile of the reset springs keeps the swing arm lower to the ground for more stability and durability and less wear on the hose. The box-out design allows for adjustable row spacing and moves the weight closer to the rear of the tractor by narrowing the width. A folding mechanism also is built on each 5- or 7-drop base unit so a wing kit can be added to expand up to 13 drops. Call (800) 795-8551.
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Ventilation Fan

Aerotech's Vortex ventilation fan produces a 20% performance increase while using their standard 1 hp motor. The Vortex fan features include: a cast aluminum, three-blade airfoil propeller with a Macheta tip and new profile for higher airflow and efficiency; a streamlined fiberglass housing; a state-of-the-art shutter design using counter-weighted airfoil blades, intake channel and weather-tight seals. A fiberglass rifled discharge cone directs airflow for increased efficiency. An advanced drive system includes ballistic belt construction and a high-quality belt tensioner. Call (800) 227-2376.
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Scour Treatment

Phoenix Scientific announces Food and Drug Administration approval to manufacture and market Spectam Scour-Halt, an oral treatment and control of porcine enteric colibacillosis (scours) in baby pigs, under 4 weeks of age, when caused by E. coli susceptible to spectinomycin. It is available in 240-ml. bottle with doser and in 500-ml. and 1000-ml. refill bottles. Call (816) 364-3777.
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Flow Rate Gauge

From Osborne Industries, the flow rate gauge for Big Wheel feeders permits the flow rate from every feeder to be calibrated, and the flow rate to be identical for all feeders. Re-adjustment of the flow rate by pigs is not possible. Call (800) 255-0316.
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Wastewater Treatment

The Agrimond wastewater treatment and reuse system is a self-contained, zero-discharge water purification system that purifies wastewater from the hog barn and continually recycles the same water for deluge, misting and drinking. The system is capable of purifying 35,000 to 45,000 gal. of wastewater/day, enough to support a 10,000-head finishing farm. The automated system requires minimal hands-on operation. Electronic sensors are installed throughout the system to provide complete knowledge and control of your operation from your office computer. Call (407) 903-5870.
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Swine Vaccine

Intervet's Myco Silencer MEH is a vaccine for pigs 3 weeks of age or older against Mycoplasmal pneumonia, erysipelas and polyserositis (Glasser's Disease). The three-in-one combination is formulated with Intervet's adjuvant system Diluvac Forte, which stimulates the maximum immunizing characteristics of the antigen components of the vaccine within the vaccinated animal. It's available in 50-dose vials. Call (913) 248-6843.
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