Stomp Plus, introduced by Pfizer Inc., provides customers with a complete herd health diagnostic program that provides flexibility to solve any disease problem, says Michael Senn, DVM, Veterinary Services Team, Pfizer Inc.

Pharmacia Animal Health's original Stomp program and Pfizer's Bottom Line Diagnostics program were melded when Pfizer acquired Pharmacia in April, he explains.

The original Stomp program was 100% serology-based and dealt exclusively with finishing hog respiratory problems, explains Senn. Stomp used serology to measure previous exposure. Thus, it only provided clues as to what respiratory pathogens were circulating in the herd.

In contrast, Stomp Plus is much more comprehensive. It covers respiratory and enteric diseases utilizing serology, tissue submissions (histopathology), virology and “is customized to fit each individual problem,” he says.

Pfizer technical services veterinarians will work with local veterinarians and the producer to observe the whole herd, evaluate clinical signs, perform individual postmortem examinations and conduct appropriate tests. The tests may be conducted at any diagnostic laboratory.

Stomp Plus provides “the flexibility to look at acutely affected pigs to find out what is going on right at this point,” Senn stresses. “The ultimate goal here is to determine the timing of exposure and the impact of diseases more precisely, and then develop control programs around that.”