Premium Standard Farms (PSF) has broken ground on construction of a revolutionary new fertilizer plant at the Valley View Farm in Sullivan County, MO.

The plant will convert hog manure into a value-added commercial fertilizer using a process developed and patented by PSF and partners to eliminate the use of traditional anaerobic lagoons for manure treatment and storage.

The $9 million fertilizer plant is truly revolutionary because it not only phases out lagoons and captures emissions, it also turns nutrients in swine waste into commercial fertilizer, says Dave Townsend, vice president of environmental affairs at PSF.

The plant will produce 8,000 tons of odor-free, pathogen-free fertilizer a year. The J.R. Simplot Company of Idaho has signed an agreement to buy all of the product from this plant.

The fertilizer plant is to be fully operational by the end of 2004.