The Ideal Instrument's patented D3 needles from Neogen Corp. performed exceptionally well in independent tests for strength, sharpness and detectability.

The studies by Iowa State University led by agricultural engineer Steve Hoff concluded:

  • Strength-to-failure testing for the 18- and 16-gauge needles represented the highest class of strength designations for products reviewed previously (National Hog Farmer, May 15, 2002, pages 32-36).

  • In dynamic testing, all D3 needles were strong enough that the spring used to provide lateral motion was stopped upon injection.

  • The 18-gauge, 1-in. needle showed no reduction in sharpness after 25 punctures tested with the simulated hide material used.

  • Needles tested nearly 100% detectable for fragments down to ΒΌ in. of an 18-gauge needle.