Easy Systems Inc. introduces the Feed Trak monitor to record feed disappearance. The product provides calculated measurement of feed delivered via shaft sensors or current flow of an auger motor.

One-, three- and seven-day averages of feed used can be provided without having to reset or restart the monitoring controls. Each Feed Trak unit will track two feed systems and give consumption readings for each.

"This monitor helps record drops in feed consumption, which could signal health problems," says Cam McCollough, Easy Systems Inc. business development manager.

An alarm or flashing light goes off when a bulk bin is running empty or has reached a specific re-order point.

The monitor can be mounted inside or outside the barn. Feed Trak has sealed connections.

Data from the monitor can be transferred to a computer.

Lee Johnston says a product such as this makes it easier to walk into a barn and monitor feed disappearance without having to climb on top of bins.

Steve Hoff asked if the monitor could deal with the challenge of measuring accurately when feed bridges in the bins. McCollough said Feed Trak has a difficult time measuring bridged feed, but an Easy Switch mounted in the bulk bin will prevent the Feed Trak from recording inaccurate information.

The cost of one Feed Trak unit is $850.

(Circle Reply Card No. 107)