Differentiating U.S. pork from competitors to help global customers make more informed purchasing decisions and to grow U.S. market share are key elements behind the Global Pork Positioning Study.

The U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF) and the National Pork Board jointly sponsor the study.

“Identifying the key messages about U.S. pork that resonate with international consumers was the idea behind this study,” says Tom Lipetzky, USMEF vice president, international programs. “It's critical we develop unique positioning and messaging that enable global consumers to quickly identify that U.S. pork is a superior product — great tasting, high quality, nutritious, safe — and a good value.”

Research was conducted in Japan, Mexico and Poland, surveying consumers on what message was most well received in each market.

“The research demonstrates that consumers were strongly influenced by messages that the U.S. pork industry has the most rigorous quality standards in the world, and that our producers use highly nutritious, well-balanced feed to produce a wholesome, tasty product,” he explains. Ads are running in several magazines based on themes developed from these strengths, and consumer feedback should be available in a few months.

Lipetzky notes USMEF is building on traditional strengths while working to create new export opportunities.