Weight restriction has been removed for feeding the antibiotic to swine.

Pfizer Animal Health's Lincomix, the only feed medication product approved to treat ileitis and Mycoplasmal pneumonia, can now be fed to hogs that weigh more than 250 lb. The Food and Drug Administration recently removed the weight limit for feeding Lincomix to swine. “As the industry has moved to heavier slaughter weights, a 250-lb. weight limit for feed medications has been problematic for the treatment and control of late finishing diseases,” says Steve Sornsen, DVM, director of Pfizer Animal Health Veterinary Services. “Removal of the weight restriction and the zero day pre-slaughter withdrawal at all inclusion rates makes Lincomix the ideal choice for feed medication where pigs are challenged with late-occurring ileitis due to Lawsonia intracellularis or Mycoplasmal pneumonia.” Lincomix is available as Lincomix 20 (20 g/ton) or Lincomix 50 (50 g/ton) and added to complete feed. It can also be used to improve average daily gain and for the treatment of swine dysentery. For more information, visit www.pfizerah.com.

Maternal Line Traits

Monsanto Choice Genetics Inc. has implemented maternal line traits to help pork producers harness the power of genomics to improve female performance. Monsanto has begun implementing new genetic markers aligned to key performance traits in its Genepacker maternal line. The markers improve the ability to accurately select Genepacker breeding animals for number born alive, efficient growth and lean percentage. The markers were chosen from among more than 2,000 unique and significant genetic markers discovered by Monsanto Choice Genetics and associated with maternal performance traits. Greg Howells, director of sales for Monsanto Choice Genetics, explains: “With conventional swine breeding, replacements are selected for litter size based on estimated breeding values. These breeding values include only pedigree information, limiting the accuracy of the selection. Genetic marker information, based on the DNA of the animals, holds the potential to greatly increase the accuracy and rate of genetic improvement in litter size. With advanced genetic breeding, we can simultaneously be more effective in selecting for desirable growth and reproductive performance traits in our maternal lines.” For further information, contact Donley Moran, marketing lead at Monsanto, at 866-BEST-PIG or go to www.monsantochoicegenetics.com.

Fan Door

New from Aerotech is the Dragonfly four-door damper available on the company's WF fan series. The damper replaces a traditional air entry shutter. The unique, patent-pending four-door design optimizes the fan's unsurpassed spiral airflow pattern. The fan installs flush to inside wall so the inlet guard doesn't extend into the building. The damper door closes tightly against a rugged bulb seal creating a weather-tight seal. Constant-force stainless steel springs allow the damper to open fully when the fan is turned on, and close when it is turned off, without stretching or warping like a coil spring. For more details, go to www.dragonflydamper.com.

Compact Track Loader

Bobcat Company has introduced the T320 compact track loader as the newest addition to its line of compact equipment. The T320 becomes the largest Bobcat compact track loader offered. This new vertical lift path loader features a 3,200-lb. rated operating capacity and a 92-hp., liquid-cooled diesel engine that provides more horsepower for better performance in nearly every application. The extra power, coupled with the Bobcat's rugged rubber tracks, gives operators extra muscle needed for tough pushing, digging and grading. Operators can easily choose between the more than 40 approved attachments for the T320. The deluxe operator cab comes with a fully adjustable suspension seat and state-of-the-art instrument panels with operational, diagnostic and monitoring features. For more information, visit www.bobcat.com.

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