A vaccine receives federal approval to battle pig diarrhea problems.

Novartis Animal Health U.S., Inc. has received a conditional license to sell the first commercially approved Clostridium Perfringens Type A Toxoid for swine. The disease resides naturally in the swine intestine, but remains one of the leading causes of baby pig diarrhea. “Control of C. perfringens Type A is becoming increasingly important to offset the poor performance of pigs affected by diarrhea,” remarks Duncan Rowe, director of the Novartis swine business unit. “Diarrhea in the first couple of days of life can cause lower weaning weights, which directly affects survival in the nursery and grow-finish phase.” The vaccine includes a proprietary dual-component adjuvant formulation that plays an important role in vaccine efficacy. It is safe for use in healthy swine, including bred gilts or sows and feeder pigs. More information is available at www.livestock.novaritis.com or by calling (800) 843-3386.

Ventilation Fan

American Coolair's fiberglass FGBC fan now comes in 36-in. and 52-in. sizes. The unit also features a cast-aluminum blade assembly. The innovative drive assembly allows V-belt power to be transmitted directly through the bearings, which results in more economical operation and increased bearing life. Specially formed structural components provide for a sturdy, yet aerodynamic support package. The FGBC fan is certified through the Bioenvironmental and Structural Systems Lab (Bess Lab) at the University of Illinois. For more information, call (904) 389-3646 or e-mail info@coolair.com.

Data Management

Val-co has introduced GrowTRAC Service, the first low-cost, easy-to-install, secure Web-based solution to extend your capabilities for comprehensive reporting and immediate alarm notification. GrowTRAC allows you to manage your operations with “one click” password-protected access to all data from one location. Standard or custom reports enable you to view current conditions or historical trends via the Internet or cell phone. The Predictive Diagnostics help identify conditions to make better management decisions by tracking weights, water use and genetic comparisons. Temperatures are monitored and fuel use is calculated, providing notification of low quantity or excessive cost. Call (800) 998-2526 or click on www.valcompanies.com.

Pressure Washer

A new, all-electric, hot water pressure washer has been introduced by Landa Water Cleaning Systems. The EHW creates instant hot water spray with the pull of the trigger, without an open flame or hazardous fumes. Two models are available with cleaning power ranging from 3.5 to 4.2 gpm. and from 2,000 to 3,000 psi. Both models operate on electrical power of 460-volt, three-phase. The EHW features the Landa industrial high-pressure pump, engineered with 10% fewer rpms than comparable pumps, extending the life of the pump. It's backed by a seven-year warranty. The washer is housed in a stainless steel cabinet and connected to the motor via two V-cogged belts and cast iron pulleys for years of reliability. Go to www.landa.com for more information.

Rat Bait

Neogen's new Prozap Zinc Phosphide Rodent Oat Bait is designed specifically to combine exceptional lethality and palatability. It is formulated from dehulled oat groats that are kiln-dried to eliminate the possibility of germination and to kill any possible bacteria and mold that could cause an off flavor. The bait requires a minimal amount to be effective, and its fast action provides immediate results. The product carries a non-restricted label, meaning it can also be used around homes and agricultural buildings. Call (800) 621-9929 or visit www.neogen.com.

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