The BoarPro software package from Aero Computing, Ltd. is designed for artificial insemination (AI) labs.

The software makes it possible to store collection data and information about each boar. Users can record motility checks, in addition to information regarding the last five collections, for example, or even lifetime fertility/motility information.

The latest collection trends for each boar can be graphed. The number of boars on which information can be stored is limited only by the user's computer hard drive capacity. The program can be customized for a specific lab.

Customized semen tube labels can be printed with the program. BoarPro is Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 supported.

BoarPro costs $800. There is an optional $149 annual support fee, which includes one year of toll-free, call-in support and quarterly software updates.

The panel agreed this would be handy software for producers who are trying to manage a boar stud, but thought the support fee might be a bit steep.

(Circle Reply Card No. 104)