Monitor Phonetics, Inc. offers the new Sensaphone Express with monitoring, alarm and dialout functions. The product monitors temperature and AC power, while including four additional dry contact inputs for sensors. The unit can be programmed to dial up to eight phone numbers. The alert message can be pre-recorded in the users voice. Temperature sensing is available from -60 degrees F to 175 degrees F. Remote control and remote recording capabilities are also offered through any touch-tone telephone. The product is equipped with a 12-hour rechargeable battery backup, and is housed in a fiberglass enclosure. Nonvolatile memory stores voice and programming information to prevent loss in the event of a power failure. (Circle Reply Card No. 101)

Financial Software LoanVision is a risk management software package from AgriLogic, Inc. The software is now available at select commercial and Farm Credit Banks, giving producers and lenders an opportunity to assess their financial position beyond the year 2000. LoanVision uses a macroeconomic analysis model (taking into account international, national and regional economic trends) to project the future financial position of an enterprise. Through "pro-forma" balance sheets, financial statements, reports and graphs, a farmer can review enterprise budgets. Producers can run "what if" scenarios and generate graphs and reports to show how the operation would fare. (Circle Reply Card No. 102)

Waterer Manager Trojan Livestock Equipment introduces the new WaterSwing MaNaGeR to raise or lower an entire row of WaterSwings simultaneously with a single control. Water can be saved by maintaining the proper height adjustment and keeping the nipple 2-4 in. above the hogs' shoulders. (Circle Reply Card No. 103)

AI Product The A.I. Buddy from Clark's Concepts enables AI technicians to breed multiple animals at once, saving time and labor. The product provides pressure in the flank area to help insure the female will stand longer to accept semen. The product reduces insemination time per female without any manual pressure on the semen packet. (Circle Reply Card No. 104)

Hoop Buildings Marting Mfg. of Iowa, Inc. announces complete hoop building packages available through its Smidley dealer network. The hog finishing hoop building packages come complete with treated lumber, fasteners, tarp and hoop components, feeders, waterers, end gates with panels, mounting hardware, and assembly instructions. The instructions guide the purchaser through the entire building process. Any of the standard building and equipment packages can be customized. Packages will also be available for nurseries, gestation and farrowing uses. (Circle Reply Card No. 106)

Post Hole Digger The Model 300 PHD is new from Worksaver, Inc. This product is part of the company's complete line of PTO-drive post hold diggers. The Model 300 is compatible with most 14 to 24-hp. tractors equipped with a category 0 three-point hitch, and 540 rpm PTO. The product handles standard-duty 30-in. augers with 6, 9, or 12-in. diameters, and features an unique lever which allows the operator to adjust the auger's starting angle. Other features include a versatile three-position boom which allows the unit to fit a variety of tractor models, and a gearbox with a 3:1 gear ratio protected by the shear-pin PTO drive. The gearbox also features tapered roller bearings and spring-loaded seals, and carries a five-year limited warranty. (Circle Reply Card No. 107)

Bin Clean-Out Automated Production Systems now offers an E-Z Hopper Panel Kit for bulk feed tanks. The panel allows for ground-level access to the bin's interior for thorough inspection and cleaning. The panel can be unbolted and removed in a matter of minutes from the exterior of the bin. A weather seal gasket protects the bin contents from the elements. The panel can be adapted to existing feed bins. Kits are available for a variety of bin and tank sizes. All packages include replacement top and bottom hopper sections, access door and all hardware necessary to replace hopper panels. (Circle Reply Card No. 105)

Steerable Manure Tanks J-Star Industries, Inc. offers Steerable Manure Tanks. The tanks are available in 4100, 5200, 6100 and 7200-gal. sizes. Features include a front-mounted pump with sump, fully independent undercarriage, and standard hydraulic disc brakes. An internal agitation option is available. (Circle Reply Card No. 108)

Wean-To-Market Feeder Gro Master, Inc. announces a new Crystal Spring Wet/Dry Adjustable Shelf Feeder. The new feeder works for wean-to-market applications with all the wet/dry feeder options. The new feeder accommodates pigs from 10 to 280 lb. The shelf can be started low for weaned pigs. At 120 lb., flipping a lever helps the feeder change to meet the needs of pigs all the way to market weight. (Circle Reply Card No. 109)

Feeders Staco's Generation III feeders feature numerical indexing adjustment systems, optional dust covers and optional improved drop tube holders. Retrofit kits are available to upgrade existing feeders. (Circle Reply Card No. 110)