Intervet's circovirus vaccine gains full USDA licensure.

Intervet's Circumvent PCV (Porcine Circovirus Vaccine, type 2, killed baculovirus vector) provides a superior solution for the control and management of porcine circovirus-associated disease (PCVAD), according to the company. The vaccine is labeled for use in healthy swine 3 weeks of age and older as an aid in the prevention of viremia (presence of virus in the blood) and virus shedding caused by porcine circovirus. With tens of millions of doses used, the vaccine has proven it substantially reduces mortality and provides superior growth performance vs. non-vaccinates. For best immunity, pigs should receive two doses intramuscularly three weeks apart, timed at 3 and 6 weeks of age. Circumvent PCV was the first PCV2 vaccine to receive USDA approval, conditionally licensed in October 2005. The Circumvent two-dose product helps reduce morbidity, returning pigs to normal growth performance, as well as reducing mortality. For more information, go to

Computerized Management System

Nedap introduces Velos, a new computerized control system especially developed for and with pig breeders. Nedap Velos Sow Feeding Stations feature an electronic feeding station that guarantees the most effective individual feed supply. Velos Central Separation Unit provides identification and characterization of each pig in the production system. Nedap Velos alerts you precisely when a female is in heat and should be separated for mating. Advanced identification technology enables both herd and individual management and allows better use of age, stage of production, condition, etc. The Nedap system adapts as your production company grows. Velos has been developed by Nedap, leader in the Netherlands in the field of livestock management, providing software and hardware solutions. For more information, contact Gary Wyse at Phoenix Construction/Eclipse Consulting by cell phone (515) 681-6111, fax (866) 398-4390 or e-mail

Concrete Flooring Products

Chore-Time Hog Production Systems has added concrete slotted floors to its line of products for hogs. Precast concrete slotted floors are designed to help producers keep pigs clean and dry. State-of-the-art technology was used to design the concrete floors, which are certified for strength to a minimum standard of 4,000 psi. The flooring is reinforced with number 3 and number 4 steel rear, making it one of the most durable on the market. Each floor section measures 4 ft. × 10 ft. × 4 in. wide with 1-in. slots that feature a pencil-edge shape, which is less abrasive. Producers have a choice between a broom- or a smooth-finish surface. With the new floors, Chore-Time is also supplying concrete floor support beams. Producers can choose an 8-in. × 8-in. × 10-ft.-long beam or an 8-in. × 10-in. × 12-ft.-long beam. Contact Chore-Time by phone (574) 658-4101, e-mail or log onto

Vitamin, Mineral Resource Center

Zinpro Corporation announces the release of Ask Zinpro, a new, robust, interactive CD-ROM program that delivers answers to vitamin and mineral animal nutrition questions from a world-renowned veterinary toxiologist. Robert Puls' set of comprehensive diagnostic books on minerals and vitamins are now available in a handy, interactive form that is just a click away. The CD-ROM presents materials in numerous categories; including tissue levels, deficiency and toxicity signs, and diseases and symptoms. For more information, visit or call (800) 445-6145.

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